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FCE Pharma and FCE Cosmetique celebrate the success of new attractions and the presence of more than 16,500 people

The largest pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry event in Latin America comes to the end of its 24th edition at São Paulo Expo

São Paulo, May 2019 

For the 24th edition, FCE Pharma and FCE Cosmetique decided to innovate. Besides presenting sector innovations, they also provided new experiences for the more than 16,500 visitors. "Surprising the market is in our DNA. We aim to develop successful initiatives, bet on innovations that can improve the visitor experience and boost market development," João Paulo Picolo, CEO of NürnbergMesse Brazil explained. "We had a very positive return on investments in 2019 and we are very proud of this, especially coming from a highly qualified public," he added.

For the first time at the trade show, the R&D Academy was realized showcasing a laboratory of the future with industry 4.0 technology: innovative with autonomous communication and automated processes. An initiative for people to see today what the sector will look like tomorrow. Another new feature was the Innovation Center, where visitors could attend presentations, as well as participate in sensorial and demonstrative experiences. One of the brands present in this new space was Focus Química. "We showed the market what we have and what it can expect. We talked technically and demonstrated how each product works, how to apply it, how to remove it and what the consumer will experience using it. It's an innovation in public interaction," said company director Douglas Vocci.

Another pioneering initiative was Talk Science, a modern and innovative meeting point with presentations that were dynamic and different from anything presented to the market up to now. Many attained the maximum capacity of visitors. Among them, the "Risk Analysis" presentation by Marcus Pereira from Sindusfarma offered content on how to avoid cross-contamination. A topic and experience approved by the administrator of the Viral Vaccines Department at Bio-Manguinhos (Fiocruz), Wania Renata dos Santos, after participating. "This is why it's important to be here - to have the opportunity to update knowledge and build new partnerships," she said.

One of the new features that attracted the attention of visitors was Logitech Science, an exhibition and congress focused on logistics. The event brought together leading global market players, who presented the future of the logistics sector and demonstrated how cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, can optimize processes and reduce costs. DHL, IBM and UPS were among the presenters that filled the room. "New technologies are the key to the future, but many companies still don’t use them to their advantage. We need to speed up behavior change in companies," noted Thorsten Roggenbuck, vice president of Life Sciences & Healthcare at DHL Supply Chain.

Event visitor Gustavo Ramirez, a Quality Affiliate Trainee at Eli Lilly do Brasil LTDA, attended the presentation and was pleased with the practical examples presented by Thorsten Roggenbuck. "I thought the presentation was great, especially the innovations, and I learned a little more about what DHL is doing today," he said. The IBM presentation was also very popular and offered information to reflect on the future of the transport sector. "This is an opportunity to see how we should look at the logistics area within the pharmaceutical vertical. I was not expecting so much information. The content was amazing. It was a very nice surprise," said Graziella Lima, National Key Accounts Manager at Indústria Pharma.

The Colamiqc, Latin American Congress on New Directions for Cosmetic Science, was held in parallel to the event. Ricardo Amorim, the most influential economist in Brazil, gave a presentation on the political and economic panorama of Latin America and Portugal. He highlighted that over the last years Brazil went through the worst crisis in its history, but it has begun to grow again. "We are experiencing a technological transformation process that is the fastest we have ever seen. This generates a lot of wealth and opportunity for those who use these new technologies to improve their business," he emphasized. For Amorim, the impact on the cosmetics market is direct. "As income improves, people increasingly take better care of themselves and spend money on it," he added.

There was no lack of opportunities to increase business at the event. FCE Pharma, in partnership with the Brazilian Pharmaceutical raw material Industry Association (Abiquifi) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), returned to the 24th edition of the event to promote meetings between Brazilian entrepreneurs and buyers from Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

A Business Roundtable was held at FCE Cosmetique, focused on producers and buyers of raw material for cosmetics. There were 14 exhibitors and 37 buyers who, over the two-hour period, held 222 meetings, generating approximately 16,1 million BRL in business. Among the big buyers, companies such as Natura, Roche, Achè, The Body Shop and Truss took advantage of the Roundtable to get to know the innovations of manufacturers first hand.

This year, FCE Pharma and FCE Cosmetique brought together 500 brands in the 40,000 square meter exhibition space. But the most important element was the public, according to Almapal and Bosch, exhibitors at the pharmaceutical trade show. "This year the trade show was very good. We met with a lot of qualified and important clients," noted Mariela Palacios, executive-director at Almapal. Liziane Magalhães, Key Accounts Manager at Bosch, agreed. "Everyone who came to the trade show was interested in buying or learning about new technologies, and had future plans for this."

It was the same at FCE Cosmetique. "Being at FCE is an opportunity to bring together your network. Partners meet again, competitors meet. The market, in general, has the chance to come together in one place. This is always good for all parties," said Tatiane Paixão, Communications Manager at Chemyunion. "I felt that the clients who came to the trade show this year were very focused on business and investment. They were not just here to meet manufacturers. They really wanted to invest and they were optimistic about the situation in Brazil," added Juliana Seabra, Marketing Manager at Cosmotec.

People who came to get to know the event space and new technologies also praised the results of the three-day event. "The trade shows offered a lot of new products, diversity and innovation," said R&D visitor Evanildo Gomes of Nazca Cosméticos.

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