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PET South America and PET VET surpass all targets and together welcome more than 27,600 visitors

The most comprehensive business events in Latin America for the pet and veterinary sectors animate São Paulo Expo from August 21 to 23

São Paulo, August, 2019
Wherever you looked, there were crowds and busy stands over the three intense days of PET South America and PET VET, the most important pet and veterinary sector trade shows in Latin America, which took place simultaneously at São Paulo Expo. By the second day of the event, the number of visitors had already surpassed last year's total, thanks to the variety of innovations presented at the exhibitions.

"The floor plan was 40% bigger compared to 2018. For this edition, there was almost 30,000 m² of floor space, occupied by more than 350 brands at both events. We had new exhibitors, modern products and differentiated services. We are very happy to have surpassed the number of visitors as well," explains event manager Guilherme Martinez.

Visitors were pleased with the exhibitions and spaces. “I came last year and really enjoyed it and decided to come back this year. At the last edition, I participated in Mastergroom and made it to second place. This time, I came to do business and have already closed some deals,” says Pedro Tavares, owner of a pet shop in Belo Horizonte. "I found the division between PETSA and PET VET very interesting because it concentrates and separates the veterinary part from groomers, aesthetics, clothes and accessories, making it easier to focus on business," he concludes.

Speaking of MasterGroom, the biggest grooming and aesthetic competition in the world was a great success. There were approximately 700 competitors, competing in more than 30 categories. In addition to the championship, there were three other professional content attractions for the pet market. Talk PET, Pet Desenvolve (Pet Development) and Pet Comportamento (Pet Behavior), which together provided nearly 35 hours of content for more than 2,600 participants.

The feeling of satisfaction was also evident at the exhibition. Pet Games, a regular event exhibitor since 2011, celebrated the results of its participation in PET South America. "Year after year, we see positive results, which are worth the investment to be here. With the business concluded at the end of the second day, our growth was already approximately 30% more than last year's," said Dalton Ishikawa, a veterinarian of the brand. The company bet on the launch of functional food and water dispensers for dogs and cats to have their meals in a position better suited to their spinal columns.

For the company Meu Bartô, sales of washable toilet newspaper also exceeded expectations. “Our stock ran out on the second day of the event and we had to bring in more products to serve customers on the last day,” said Fernanda Jaquetto, the brand's commercial director. She also said that this time she was even able to sell to Chile since she participated in the International Business Roundtable.

These encounters were the highlights of both events. The International Business Roundtables held at PET South America brought together 13 companies from China, South Korea, Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey, Ecuador and the United States to present their products and services to 11 Brazilian companies. In addition, there was also an Export Business Roundtable for Brazilian exhibitors interested in taking their products to markets outside Brazil.

At PET VET, the most comprehensive veterinary gathering in Latin America, which took place simultaneously with PET South America, the negotiations were also productive and generated more than BRL 6 million in declared value in 108 business meetings held over just two hours. The meetings brought together 15 exhibiting companies and 39 purchasing companies.

But the positive results did not just come from the business roundtables. Sergio Pereira Pinto, manager of the diagnostics division of 3 Albe, a medical hospital sector company with 25 years in the market, celebrated the results of the PET VET exhibition, which was attended by more than 8,500 veterinarians. "We are very pleased with the deals closed and with others that will be finalized after the event," he emphasizes.

Danilo Canova, Biological and Therapeutic Products Marketing Manager at Boehringer, agrees and emphasizes the success of their first participation in the event after internal changes in the company. “This is our first time at the event and we are very pleased. This is one of the main trade shows in Latin America. As we are in the specific area for veterinarians, the visitors that come to our stand are very specific- people who participate in the technical presentations and visit the Design Hospital- so whoever comes to visit us is clearly a veterinarian and interested in our portfolio and in technical matters. The trade show is very productive for networking and presenting our portfolio to people who don't know us,” he concludes.

There were other important attractions in the veterinary area. The Design Hospital was visited by a lot of people interested in seeing a hospital up close with state-of-the-art technology and exemplary care. The almost 200 m² of floor space had inpatient rooms, an operating room, an ICU, diagnostic laboratories and an examination room.

"This year's differential was the catfriendly reception, created especially for cats," said Ana Cristina Pinheiro, Marketing Manager at Royal Canin, the space's sponsor. "Especially for cats, the experience of leaving the house and going to the vet is stressful. At this reception, the furniture is higher, the colors are more neutral, the odor is personalized and the ambiance is calming. We recommend doing something similar in clinics," added the company manager, who is investing heavily in the cat market.

Veterinarian Carolina Kowalski came to see PET VET for the first time. She explained that she works in a clinic and pet shop and made a point of visiting the trade show to see new products and services. “It's great because at the trade show you can clear any doubts directly at the source. We feel more secure because we know that the exhibiting companies are reliable, with qualified professionals,” she adds.

PET VET also held its innovative International Veterinary Congress with renowned speakers from the United States, Peru, Colombia, Australia and other countries known for veterinary medicine. There were almost 1,200 participants over the 3 days, more than the last edition. It was also at the Congress that the Pet Cloud Innovation Challenge took place for the first time. With 50 registered participants, the challenge was to recognize innovative projects in the veterinary sector. The winner was Pineal 5D, a company that creates implants for animals using 3D printing.

Located beside it, congress visitors were able to experience another innovation in exhibitions in Latin America, the LABS. These are practical classes with the same renowned speakers on four distinct specialties, such as intensivism, endoscopy, felines and anesthesiology. These were pioneering classes where 85 participants were able to learn via procedures performed on cadavers and dolls.

The event came to an end as a great success, surpassing all the previous edition's numbers, and planning for next edition of the trade shows has already begun. “We are announcing the dates for 2020. Next year, the 19th edition of PET South America and PET VET will take place from August 19 to 21,” the event manager concluded.


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