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With more than 14,000 visitors, Glass South America shows how to overcome difficult times in the glass market and beat all the figures from the previous edition

The event was consolidated as a meeting point for professionals and buyers in the sector, bringing together small and large companies in Latin America.

São Paulo, May 2018 
After four intense days of business, Glass South America has proven its importance to the glass, architecture, construction, engineering and decoration industry. With growth of 10%, the 14,100 visitors left behind their apprehension and the economic crisis in the market and undertook major agreements with the 215 expositor brands. Spread over 25,000m², the companies presented the latest solutions and innovative technologies for the various sectors served by the fair, such as plate glass manufacturers, processors, machinery, hardware and accessory manufacturers, among many other products.

The positive result was unanimous. "The fair is great. Customers arriving at the stand are very objective and we have already made many sales. The change of location has been a great success, it was much better for the exhibition and reception of the machines. This year, we brought news for the Schiatti beveller and the Macotec cutting table, as well as new accessories. We are also with our partner here at the booth, the German manufacturer Bohle", emphasizes Neide Gusmão, director of Gusmão.

Blindex, one of the biggest box vendors in Brazil, participated for the first time in the event with its own booth, and the investment was worth it. "We are very pleased with the fair. We spent the whole day attending to clients from the opening until the end of the day, which surprised us. The public that comes to our booth is well qualified, which is very good. We always missed being at a fair like Glass South America, which is the largest in Latin America, so this first year as a brand is a great achievement for us," states Glória Cardoso, marketing manager at Blindex.

The public recognition of the most traditional brands was approved on the first day of the fair. In a new location, the 2018 edition at the São Paulo Expo provided great comfort and received the professionals from the sector with open arms, enabling them to circulate along wide streets that were organized and at a pleasant temperature. The qualification of the visitors and the strong presence of Latin America were the highlights of the fair.

Moreno Magon, vice-president of sales and services at Glaston, also left satisfied with the results and stressed the importance of the event. "Glass South America is very important to companies in the construction and architectural marketplace by introducing the new products and technological innovations from the glass and equipment sector. Today, the event is a reality on a Latin American level and one of the most important fairs in the world."

Peruvian Ausoberto Alva, general manager of the Corporación Limatambo, was one of many Latin American representatives to visit the event. "This is where all glass and machine manufacturers are concentrated, as well as companies involved in other stages of glass processing. The market is always changing and we want to be at the forefront of it, so we are part of Glass South America. In addition, we have been able to gather trends from Latin America and Europe in one place," he says. The Brazilian audience was also surprised by everything that was presented. "In addition to finding companies that deliver what we need, we have also discovered other needs. We made contact with companies we didn't know," says Bruno Silveira, a salesman.

In addition to the exhibition, the parallel attractions also contributed to the success of the event. This began with Glass in Action, an initiative by Abravidro in partnership with Bauer Falcon and presented by specialist Gabriel Batista from the Portal Setor Vidreiro, which brought together glaziers, architects and professionals in the industry for testing tempered, laminated and reinforced glass. Performed every hour, the space received an average of 70 people each session, who were surprised by the tests.

"Glass in Action came to complement this space for generating business and to also make it a space for content and information," explains Vera Andrade, technical coordinator at Abravidro. The organization explains that the space is an opportunity for the industry to find out about the performance of glass in a more technical way. The presenter, Gabriel Batista, also shares the same opinion and reports that the visitors accompanied everything with attentive eyes. "This space is a unique opportunity for the glazier to see how each type of glass responds to each situation and how it can better understand the specifications and standards. I am very happy to be here and to be part of it," he stated.

Another successful initiative was the realization of the Glass Facades Day inside the fair. With the objective of discussing the efficient use of glass in the specifications of facades, the meeting brought together architects, consultants and professionals from the glass industry, who discussed subjects such as acoustic efficiency and the infinite possibilities of glass applications. "Our goal was to connect the three points: architects, builders and the industry, and I believe we achieved that", celebrated Fernando Mungioli, publisher of Revista Projeto and one of the creators of Glass Facades Day. "I think the industry's commitment to bring together industry players and discuss certification and application standards is important. The meeting added a lot to the civil construction sector," says Luiz Jorge Pinheiro, Abividro consultant and participant of the meeting.

The positivity and the sense of accomplishment were enforced by every pavilion. "It was unanimous that Glass South America was very positive. Many exhibitors have closed deals. This edition far exceeded the last one. It was more professional and glass makers are very happy with the information and news they found. We have high expectations for 2020, due to the great event we held this year," concludes José Domingos Seixas, president of Abravidro.

"We have felt and closely monitored the delicate moments that the market has faced, but we knew it was time to look ahead and invest heavily to encourage the industry. Glass South America 2018 has proven its importance in fostering business throughout Latin America. Together, we are going to make the market return to positive rates", concludes João Paulo Picolo, president of NürnbergMesse Brasil, which has already stated date for the next edition, June 3 to 6, 2020.


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