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NürnbergMesse Brazil operates in strategic sectors of the Brazilian market with a high level of professionalism and expertise. The company moves several national economy industries, such as the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, construction, analytical chemistry, retail, pet, and veterinary industries.


HPPC market is one of the strongest in the Brazilian economy. Up to 1.5% of the Brazilian family budget is dedicated to this market. According to the Euromonitor International, Brazil may go back to the third position in the world ranking of HPPC industry consumption with a 14.3% growth until 2020.

In addition, according to several research institutes, the next 5 years will be of growth, 24.4% until 2021, when US$ 36.4 billion will be reached.


The main emerging countries will be responsible for 28% of global sales in 2018, and Brazil is one of them. The Brazilian pharmaceutical market representativeness changed from the tenth to the sixth place in only 5 years, and we expect it to reach the fourth position in 2018.

The world pharmaceutical market may move US$1.25 trillion in 2018, but the Brazilian pharmaceutical market sales increased 13.1% in 2016, i.e. BRL 85.35 billion in total, according to Interfarma survey, which is the association that represents pharmaceutical laboratories in Brazil, based on data from IMS Health.

And according to such survey, the ten main pharmaceutical groups invoiced together BRL 48.59 billion last year, which corresponds to 56.9% of the retail market. The sales revenue of generic drugs represents 26.6% of the market and a growth of 14.7%.


In the revenue analysis, Brazil appears in the third place of world ranking, behind the United States of America and United Kingdom. The national market still has many opportunities of investment and needs improvements. We are very important, and huge brands test their products here in Brazil.

Currently, 25% of veterinarians from all the world are in Brazil, and there are more than 70 million dogs and cats, which means an animal for every three people. The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) estimates that 62% of the Brazilian families own a pet at home, especially in upper and middle socioeconomic classes (40 million houses).

• Dog BRL 270.00   • Feline BRL 200.00


    Chemical products, including pharmachemicals and pharmaceutic, represent 9.74% of the Brazilian industrial GDP and are the 4th in the ranking, according to data from ABIQUIM (Brazilian Association of Chemistry Industry).

    The Brazilian chemistry and petrochemical industry felt a relief and may have a better result in its 2017 indicators, after a small production and billing increase in 2016.


    The construction industry recovery is essential for the glass industry growth. The purchase of glass for a construction work, on average, happens 18 months after its beginning. That is why the economic recovery of this industry is slow and stepwise. Currently, the Brazilian glass industry has: 9 plan glass production lines, 2 printed glass manufacturers, nominal capacity of 6,950 tons of plan glass per day, and almost 500 glass processing factories.


    Environmental awareness and promotion of clean vehicles use have been increasingly strengthening the bike market in Brazil. This trend, which is more common on Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro streets, heats the bike market and growth of sales, as well as the domestic industrial production.

    Brazil is one of the largest bike producers in the world and, according to the survey carried out by Tendências Consultoria, it is also a great user, on average, around 4.5 million units per year. Nowadays, the national bike fleet counts with more than 70 million units, a number higher than cars and motorcycles.

    The city of São Paulo has 498.3 Km of roads with permanent cycling treatment, and 468 km of bike paths, and 30.3km of bicycle tracks. To take advantage of the modal integration, the cyclist counts with 6,149 spots in public bike racks and 121 publics bike stops installed at bus terminals and at subway and train stations. Until 2030, the goal is to reach 1700 km.

    According to surveys carried out by ONG Transporte Ativo, in Brazil, most cyclists earn up to three minimum wages and use bike as a daily mean of transportation, especially to go to work. More than half of Brazilian cyclists uses their bikes five to seven days a week.


    Pet Experience is the largest event for pets and owners in the country. The event is organized in partnership with Petz – the largest chain of pet shops in Brazil, considering the numbers of stores.

    • Largest event for pets and owners in the country.
    • More and more, customers are looking for commercial establishments that allow pets.
    • “Pet Friendly” places are becoming a trend in commercial establishments.
    • Brazil has the second largest population of dogs, cats, songbirds and ornamental birds in the world, and it is the fourth country in total population of pets.
    • 2018 estimates show that the Brazilian pet population corresponds to around 139.3 million animals. 54.2 million dogs; 39.8 and 23.9 million cats were accounted.
    • Considering the most recent results, Brazil also begins to appear as the second main pet market in the planet, with a participation of 5.2%, while Germany and the United Kingdom follow it closely, each with 4.9% in total.
    • Pets’ humanization – nowadays, owners consider their pets as an extension of themselves.
    • The monthly average expenses with dogs (of up to 10 kilos) reach BRL 338,76, whereas they get to BRL 196.56 with cats.


    EXPO REVESTIR is the main event of coating solutions for civil construction in Latin America, whose target audience are professionals of architecture, interior design, resales, construction companies and international purchase.

    A distinguished business event that counts with the presence of over two hundred exhibitors and more than 63 thousand visitors, from more than 56 countries.

    Held every year in March, in the city of São Paulo, it is among the most important industry fairs in the world.


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