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Festival Bike Brasil establishes itself as an effective business platform for the sector

Over the three-day event, the market came together to further strengthen the sector.

Festival Bike Brasil listened to the market, which was looking for a platform for doing business, and provided a completely reformulated edition. The event was held over three days, with the last day open to consumers, who also used the opportunity to check out the latest products and services for the bicycle market. Over all, 3,500 visitors were able to check out new products from more than 70 exhibiting brands at the event's new location, the Centro de Eventos Pro Magno. Participants were able to learn about new opportunities, products, technologies and content for retailers.

Everyone who attended the trade show was unanimous in saying that visitors were focused on closing deals, with a well-segmented public that pleased the exhibitors. “We have participated in the event since the first edition and the trade show is always very important for people who want to show their products. We are launching a new brand and this is what we needed- to be presented to the public- which was very good. Bike Brasil is fundamental, especially in our country, where the number of new cyclists keeps growing,” said Renan Ferraro, partner-manager of Ferraro Bikes.

Scott, one of the largest brands in the market, was also pleased with the results, the event dates and the public. “The trade show, more than just a place to do business, is a place to meet. We have clients that we have relations with all over Brazil and we don't know each other personally. And then they come to the trade show, we talk, we shake hands. That's the great value of the trade show. I hope Bike Brasil grows, and I believe that if it continues like this year, it will only grow,” says Giancarlo Clini, director of Scott.

At Proparts, the feeling was similar. “This year's event had a different profile, with much more customer relations, and we were very pleased with the results we attained. It was a very exclusive group of visitors, 100% aligned with our objectives, and a very suitable environment for talking with our customers. The great benefit of a trade show like this is that it becomes the annual meeting place for companies in the industry, for both suppliers and retailers, and a place to meet our customers, which is a unique opportunity that occurs only once a year at Bike Brasil,” said Marcelo Maciel, partner of Proparts.

And to complement the business opportunities, there is nothing better than qualified information to help retailers in their daily business. During the first two days of the event, the Giro de Ideias event welcomed 150 people in a space for presentations on regulations, marketing, customer service, visual merchandising and a market overview. Sebrae-SP also provided more than 40 service visits to retailers with Sebrae Móvel, answering questions concerning how to professionalize and regularize businesses.

On the third day, one of the busiest event attractions was the 2nd Mechanics Challenge, organized by the Park Tool School. The challenge had three stages that brought three mechanics to the final challenge: to put together a transmission system in the shortest time. The winner came from Araçatuba, São Paulo. Carlos Eduardo Taldeu, owner of CT Bike, left home at one in the morning and traveled over 600 km to participate.

“I have been a professional mechanic for 14 years, but I spent two years not working. When I returned, I found Park Tool and decided to update my skills. I believed in my potential and today I am taking this award home,” the winner celebrated.

Bike to Go, the Tech Cycle Challenge winning team, was also celebrating. The group developed an artificial intelligence app in just 24 hours to help novice riders with tips and solutions, such as nearby bike stations and the best routes. The application learns the best options together with the user. The goal is to encourage beginners to not give up on cycling after the first few attempts.

“I experienced this difficulty when I started cycling. The first time I cycled I encountered a hill, not knowing that I could have taken easier routes. This led to the idea, to think about the beginner's problems,” explained Leticia Gaspar, one of the developers on the winning team. The winners each won a bike, a month's electric bike rental and a Bike Brasil kit with various products from the exhibitors.

In the end, the results were very positive. “This edition of Bike Brasil demonstrated that the industry wants a strong, business-focused platform. We are pleased we could offer this to the market. We received great feedback from the exhibitors, who praised the new model as well as the new location. We closed the event with a feeling of mission accomplished and with plans to organize the next edition with even more ambitions to develop the Brazilian bicycle market,” concluded Rodrigo Afonso, Festival Bike Brasil manager.


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